Comment from: Shahed Mazumder [Visitor]
Sainul Bhai,
Very well covered.
Could not agree more.
The fact is- Hasina and Gong (also Khaleda and Gong, if you consider them in power)understand each and every word you wrote, much better than you or I do. But, since they want a pre-settled result (to ensure an election where they and only they can win) they will keep saying those sweet(!) words- that CG is against Democracy......
ex-Chief Justice (ABM Khairul Hoque) and his team made a disasterous judgement. But, I feel pity for them. Just like any other department (Army included), our Justice System also is very much in the pocket of the Ruling Party. So, these people have got their obligations to fulfill - DO AS HASINA (or KHALEDA) WANTS YOU TO DO.
Criticizing the Court is one thing (it is important to keep the Pressure ON), but fundamentally we need to formulate a device to cut the power of endless Maneuvering/Evil Manipulation of our institutions by those BLACK HANDS.
07/20/11 @ 02:15
Comment from: Sainul [Member] Email
As I said, Hasina/Khaleda would try to see their self-interests. But, pressure/promise/threat should not and can not absolve the court of their fundamental obligation to the people. Specially, when ex-chief justice claims for working as upright, the burden is with him and his team to prove that this is not otherwise.
Re the last comment on the fundamental need, the isolation or cross-check is not the fundamental need. Fundamentally, we need to select the right people in the power. Nothing can overpower an elected government, thats the reality. Hence, the people need to be careful in the election. To do that, we need the free-and-fair election method, which we is currently at threat. And the burden to mitigate the threat is with the court, not with the politicians who we are afraid of.
Thanks for your comment.
07/20/11 @ 03:35
Comment from: Monir Morshed [Visitor]
Dear Sainul Bhai,

I have read your blog, which is full of patriotic concern for our beloved country. I really appreciate it.I also agree with the very first line of the article. I think that people with even minimum sense of feelings for their country should read it and ponder over it.

However, I got the feelings from it that you still assume that the Judiciary,mentioned as 'court' in your blog,as an independent entity.

But isn't that the female blood sucker and her thugs, with support from her thousands of paid loyalists in the country have totally subjugated the judiciary already? Do you think ABM Khairul Hq was a dumb person not to understand all these consequences? This guy did it purposefully to implement that blood sucker's political ambition.

That's why I personally expect no justice at all from this Judiciary.

The difference between previous regimes and now is that in the past this kind of political influence over Judiciary,
ACC or administration were done by hidden method, secret way. But now these thugs are doing with open declaration.

But unfortunately, since the media and most of the intellectuals are pro atheism, we do not hear much of their concern about the current situation about the country.

My frustrated conclusion is that this nation deserves severe punishment, and Allah subhanahuta'la has put the appropriate Jalim over them now. Let them now know every bit by bit what these guys are like. And only Allah knows what awaits in the coming days for them.

Best regards.
07/20/11 @ 05:32
Comment from: Mahbub Farid [Visitor]
Good write-up Sainul. How do you find the time and energy to write in such great detail about the so-called democracy in our country - is a sheer wonder to me! Call me a freak if you like, but I think days of civil ways to elect/select has been long over. What the country really needs is a true visionary leader to emerge from somewhere. And as unrealistic and utopian as it may seem to you and to the general populace, "I am holding out for a hero". How and where it will all work out I haven't the foggiest notion, but I do know this - disequilibrium can not last forever. And nature of things in this universe is to seek equilibrium always, be it in nature or in politics, or in the markets. Just my two cent's worth.
07/20/11 @ 05:34
Comment from: Tonmoy [Visitor]
Dear Sainul Bhai,
Wonderful insight. You could probably limit the period of hibernation for the greater benefit.
Just one quick one, as I was reading through your very in depth and detailed description, I don't know why, the only thing that came to my mind was the haunted thought of the 'minus two' theory. Trust me, that is going to be the elixir of all odds that we see now. The two parties will be torn up into ten different pieces and we will enter into a phase of horrendous uncertainty only to meet the savior of Mahbub Bhai. It will not come easy I am afraid.
Keep up the good work and sleep less.
07/20/11 @ 07:07
Comment from: Abdur Rahman (visitor) [Visitor]
Dear Sainul,

It is a truly patriotic blog. I think our supreme court should fully assert itself as an independent entity. I firmly believe the absolute necessity of the caretaker government. My only regret is that, last time, it should have been a little more assertive to remove the bad elements from our political mechanism.
The beginning was no doubt great.

Sainul, personally, I think you are doing a great job, although, my initial feeling is that the thoughts expressed should have been a little more precise and direct... Might be that it is not always possible.

Wishing you all the best,

07/20/11 @ 10:03
Comment from: 4a756e616e [Visitor]
Sainul Bhai,

Just adding some links for people with lousy memory (for "pure" reference).

- 1/11 (2007):

- 28/10 (2006) (not, 28/11, I guess):

- Fourth Amendment Act:

07/20/11 @ 21:13
Comment from: Sainul [Member] Email
To Mr. 4a756e616e,
Thanks for spotting the error. I have corrected it in the original post.

07/20/11 @ 22:36
Comment from: Ehsan [Visitor]
Mr. Sainul,
Awesome job, indeed! Love it! Keep it coming! Only one tiny personal advice, please be cafeful if you ever go to Dhaka. I am an expat living in US and visit Bangladesh yearly. During my last visit (last November) I was verbally abused (almost physically) and openly threatened by AL people. I was also accused of treason for making simple comments about on-going corruption and chandabazi in Bangladesh. I was told "this is thier time and nobody can do a damn thing about it. If I talk too much I'll not make it out of the country" i shut up and left.
07/22/11 @ 19:52

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